Older Pipes Can Deteriorate and Cause Unexpected Plumbing Disasters

Top Reasons Why Old Pipes Can Cause Plumbing Problems

If your house is older than 25 years, there’s a significant probability that it was built with plumbing products that are now universally regarded as subpar. Although some of these products work fine, others are sitting time bombs that could seriously cause a lot of damage. It’s a good idea for prospective homeowners to be conscious of a few particular plumbing characteristics that, regrettably, are rather typical in old houses.

Problems Caused by Old Pipes

It is obvious that an old home constitutes old pipes unless they have been replaced in recent years. Generally, old pipes are problematic, and homeowners ought to be careful with them. They are considered troublesome for various reasons.

Obsolete Piping

Lead was the most commonly used material for piping and the harshest of them; it was originally regulated in the 1920s but wasn’t completely outlawed until 1986. Even though lead is toxic, it is less widespread than galvanized steel, substituting lead as the material of choice in the 1960s. Galvanized steel, originally covered in a thick coating of zinc to safeguard pipes, was subsequently discovered to be incredibly corrosive, resulting in high amounts of rust in drinking water. 

Galvanized steel later went out of style, and polybutylene replaced it as the preferred product. Polybutylene became the norm in the 1980s and the early 1990s, despite its 1970s debut. However, it was later discovered that the material used to make these pipes did not work effectively with the compounds found in most municipal water systems, which caused them to degrade and fracture years earlier than anticipated.

Piping Belly

The pipework beneath your property may begin to slant, or “belly,” as it lowers and moves with age, limiting water flow and resulting in obstructions and leakages. Should your drainage and sewerage systems fail, hazardous effluent may escape into your house or garden, creating a tremendous mess and a serious safety risk. Be on the lookout for pope belly symptoms, including slow drainage, regular blockages, unpleasant odors, and thick, green spots in your yards.

Faulty Installation

Improper restorations and installs are among the things that can damage your old pipes the most over time. Your system could be seriously messed up for decades by a novice who uses the incorrect tools to solve issues or doesn’t understand how to establish the right contacts. Some old pipes might have been installed poorly or with the wrong equipment. The good news is we have an endless array of options in the plumbing industry today, and with the advanced equipment, a professional plumber can solve these issues.

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